Artwork Install @ Manchester United!

Artwork Install @ Manchester United!

What a way to end 2019!

We were commissioned as artwork specialists to work along side LCT Interiors for the refurbishment of the International Players Lounge at Old Trafford Football Stadium. There were three walls to be painted in a 'Banksy' style and were to incorporate some of the clubs finest moments.

First job on the list was to have the club decide on their most memorable moments and then get to work on the designs. Below you can see the 'Legends' wall digital design we created, do you recognise any of the legends? You can also see the completed mural and how well the effect works on the exposed brickwork above, to create the stencil style on this type of surface we mark out the shapes using a projection of the design (check out the Cantona projection!) and then mask around the drawing to fill in with spray paint from that point.

The club and everyone involved loved the results and we had a fun few days working up there too! Unfortunately we weren't around to see the lounge in all it's glory after the full refurbishment so we look forward to hopefully having another visit sometime soon to check it out!