About Us

At Bespoke Mural you're not just purchasing a piece of artwork, you're working with a dedicated project manager, a skilled designer and talented artists to create a truly unique mural for your home or business. With over 10 years of experience within the industry, we believe art is contagious and our aim is to pass it on!

How does it work?

We understand that every project is personal and unique to you, which is why our London based team follow a 3 step process:

1) Investigate the space - whether it's a site visit or viewing photos of the wall in question, this is all we need to assess your creative needs and develop an estimate for works.

2) Once you're ready to embark upon your creative journey, our designer will produce a digital design for your review via email. This is your opportunity to provide feedback and make sure we have your design just right!

3) The main event! Our artists will hand paint your approved digital design to an expert, quality finish.

Do you already have your design and you're looking for the right people to paint it?

In some cases a design service is not always required, so if you have your design ready to go and you're simply looking for the right artist to paint it, look no further. We have a wealth of experience painting pre-designed work and know matching the right artist to the right job is of paramount importance. Having worked alongside interior design companies for many years on commercial sites we also understand exactly what you need to make your project happen, RAMS, PPI and CSCS cards? No problem.

Marketing & PR

Perhaps you're looking for a cool and innovative way to promote your business or product and increase brand awareness? Why not have your advert painted on the city walls or commission our graffiti artist to perform live at your product launch whilst we also help facilitate your promo video.

We pride ourselves on making your requests a reality, so however unique your idea may seem, don't hesitate to get in touch with us for a chat.

For further information on the services we provide and a bespoke quotation for your project click here to get in touch, or to view examples of our previous work click here.